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   University students are at a higher risk of experiencing poor mental health outcomes including stress, depression, anxiety, and suicide ideations. Depression affects more than 121 million people worldwide. It is commonly treated with medications or psychological therapists. Some consider exercise as an alternative treatment. University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia did a study on university students suffering from stress, anxiety, and/or depression. They had the subjects exercise 45 minutes 4 times a week for 10 weeks. The study showed a reduction in stress although not a significant one. However, aerobic exercise specifically showed a significant reduction in depression, but there was a bigger reduction in males than females. Exercise is not commonly used as treatment for mental illnesses, however studies show that it is not only efficient, but may also help with their physical health.  All student should try to be active during the semester to help keep one less stressed, motivated and happier. A good way to get exercise is through their University. We are very lucky to have a program that is ran every semester at UNLV. This program is called fitness4finals.   


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